Het Verdiep

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Bij Sint-Jacobs 13
9000 Gent

From Wednesday to Saturday
From 18:00 until late 

Het Verdiep is situated on the third floor of Funke. It’s a versatile space that can be used for a wide range of small scale events such as meetings, private dining sessions, workshops, lectures, book presentations, … not for parties though.

You can rent Het Verdiep at the following days and time slots. 220 euros (ex VAT) is charged per time slot.*

Contact for more information and requests.
Monday: noon (12:00-15:00), evening (17:30-20:30)

Tuesday: morning (8:30-11:30), noon (12:00-15:00), evening (17:30-20:30)

Wednesday: morning (8:30-11:30), noon (12:00-15:00), evening (17:30-20:30)

Thursday: morning (8:30-11:30), noon (12:00-15:00), evening (17:30-20:30)

Friday: morning (8:30-11:30), noon (12:00-15:00)

*discount formula:
2 consecutive timeslots: 400 euros (ex VAT)
3 consecutive timeslots: 450 euros (ex VAT)

** social rate:
Get in touch if - for whatever reason - you’re not able to pay the full price. We have reduced rates for certain organisations that have a social purpose.


A selection of cold and hot beverages is at your disposal. Two principles:
  1. Everything is self-service
  2. We count what is consumed and charge afterwards.


Fixed formulas according to the time slot of your choice

Wherever we can, we aim to work with seasonal, local products that are tasty yet healthy, and fuck up the environment less, and support the local farmers from just around the corner. We don’t serve meat in Funke.

Therefore, the menu mentioned below is only an indication. What we offer, will actually vary every season.


Not possible (yet). Beverages only during those morning sessions!  

Lunch - noon

€13,5 per person - ex VAT

A vegetarian buffet consisting of:
  • an assortment of bread
  • spreads (romesco, basil and pine nut pesto)
  • a selection of cheeses by Het Hinkelspel
  • salads (artichoke, mustard salad and fermented lemon & red lettuce, walnut, corn salad, apple, honey, mustard)
  • pea soup

Apero - evening

€9 per person - ex VAT

A selection of vegetarian tapas - both hot and cold:
  • Bruschetta's
  • Figs with goat's cheese and pistachio
  • Puff pastry snacks

All menus can be adjusted according to your wishes. Don’t hesitate to inform us about any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Service is not included in the prices mentioned above. Depending on your choices, we present a full quotation before the event takes place.

The space

Capacity: 30 people

(Technical) equipment:

  • beamer
  • small audio system
  • tables & chairs