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By Alicia Carrera & Pieter Dudal

This exhibition builds on 'Short stories - pleasant and/or rather sad', Lieven Martens' new album released on Dauw. Alicia Carrera presents new material based on the album's artwork. Pieter Dudal will create a tape loop installation that responds to Alicia's work.

Alicia Carrera is a visual artist, editorial designer and DJ based in Barcelona.Some of her work includes graphic identity, logotypes, vinyl covers, posters, books, animated films and audiovisual installations.She also runs LíO Press imprint and co-run the label Maga Circe Musica.

Pieter Dudal is a sound artist from Ghent who works under his own name Dudal. Beside his own artistic work, he also founded and curates labels Dauw and blickwinkel.His music is recognizable by its lo-fi melodies surrounded by slowly building sound textures, resulting in fragile electro-acoustic compositions. After several shows in his own country, Dudal toured in Berlin, Prague and London and joined Peter Broderick for a string of shows. In 2021 he self released his debut album 'Can you say it again'. New work is set to be released during 2022.--