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Bij Sint-Jacobs 13
9000 Gent

From Thursday to Saturday
From 18:00 until late 


Robin Verslype is an active member of the Belgian nightlife community. Combining a job as communications manager and assistant artistic director at Arty Farty Brussels (Nuits Sonores, Reset), an important role in DIY-collective Grid and as a DJ. “I will never abandon DJing, even if I don’t have any bookings.”

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Juan Awile, aka Phrex, aka Seduction, has been a pillar of the Swiss electronic music scene for many years. He’s heavily involved in concepts such as Dubtopia, Midilux and the Montsomnia Festival. From hometown club Kapitel Bollwerk to Ghent’s Funke seems only like a small stretch: “both of these places feel like a living room, where you’re surrounded by familiar faces”.

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After having commuted between homebase Colombia and Europe for gigs on a regular basis, Adi made a more definitive move to this continent just last year. Settling in a new home can be intense, but the pieces of the puzzle are falling in place. “I put a lot of seeds in the ground the past couple of years, now I can slowly start harvesting.”

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Words by Hans Empereur