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Emily Jeanne

While reminiscing and looking back in time are not among her favorite activities, words came easy. With only a handful of questions needed, this talk and interview unfolded pleasantly, touching upon a love for music, willpower, her heritage and an allergy to pigeonholing. Please take your time to meet Ghent’s very own Emily Jeanne.

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Timmerman juggles with a job in the communications team of Horst Arts & Music, being the co-promoter of Supergay and, of course, his own DJ-career. Spanning over eight years and becoming ever more refined, the latter covers the biggest chunk of what you’re about to read. We will also discuss the death of presale, ever-faster-paced music and Call of Duty.

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Hailing from Landen, Godero started to make waves a while back - despite his young age. After landing his first gig at local festival Rock Landen at the age of 13, he dove deeper and deeper in the wondrous universe that is house music. Now, some seven years later, part of the things that make him happiest are: Funke, obscure movies and everlasting sets.

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Performing as Menica and Sundae Sue, running Ojoo (which is an event series, a label - briefly an artist agency even), being a mother of a sixteen year old, working full time for Waking Life, and having a fun (yet very secret) project in the pipeline: Menica’s agenda is filled to the brim - to say the very least. “I want to discover all there is to know about the scene.”

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Juan Awile, aka phrex, aka Seduction, has been a pillar of the Swiss electronic music scene for many years. He’s heavily involved in concepts such as Dubtopia, Midilux and the Montsomnia Festival. From hometown club Kapitel Bollwerk to Ghent’s Funke seems only like a small stretch: “both of these places feel like a living room, where you’re surrounded by familiar faces”.

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Yentl is an enigmatic nightcrawler, to say the very least. On the one hand buoyant and exuberant - deep and sweltering on the other. There’s unmistakably two sides of the same medaillon. Walk with us as we lift a small tip of the veil that so carefully caresses Yentl’s endless universe.

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After having commuted between homebase Colombia and Europe for gigs on a regular basis, Adi made a more definitive move to this continent just last year. Settling in a new home can be intense, but the pieces of the puzzle are falling in place. “I put a lot of seeds in the ground the past couple of years, now I can slowly start harvesting.”

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Robin Verslype is an active member of the Belgian nightlife community. Combining a job as communications manager and assistant artistic director at Arty Farty Brussels (Nuits Sonores, Reset), an important role in DIY-collective Grid and as a DJ. “I will never abandon DJing, even if I don’t have any bookings.”

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Words by Hans Empereur