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Going out of business forever

By Michiel Eeckhaut

Michiel Eeckhaut (1992, BE) is a painter.
His work originates from the impulsive enjoyment in painting.
He combines this with a running research on the limitations of visual language and the overhwhelming presence of static in any image. The subjects in his works are fragmented, originating from sources with strong narrative, ritualistic and nostalgic meaning. The objects themselves are not the central focus, but serve as a resource to find the edges of their reference. Their signified meaning secondary to how their image feels
on canvas. The paintings are constructed with an internal logic. Objects have weight, are on top or alongside the "image" and have been hastily tied together with ropes, tape or nails.

The works shown in this expo all explore seemingly urgent, yet fragmented storylines.
Stories seem to unfold and thread together, without finding succinct or satisfying resolution. They end up sitting uncomfortably, like a badly timed joke in the wrong crowd.