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Berlin must go on

by Rubén Salgado

In 2021, Berlin became the first city in the world to officially recognize nightclubs as cultural institutions.
For many people in marginalized communities, these clubs provide a safe space, free of judgement, where a sense of family is formed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic all spaces were forced to close and employees were left without work.
Many clubs converted to testing and vaccine facilities and nightlife employees found work there.

At the beginning of summer 2021, nightlife slowly began to reopen with new restrictions in place, shining through the importance that the electronic music scene has as an integral part of Berlin’s culture.Rubén Salgado Escudero is a Mexico-based photographer focusing on social issues and the human condition around the world. He has also been involved in Berlin’s electronic music scene since 2003.
His work has been exhibited in dozens of cities worldwide including New York, London, Tokyo and Paris. He is a National Geographic Explorer, contributing frequently to the magazine.