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by Simon Vermeulen & Sara De Graeve

A fragmented reality.
An important principle of how the collage is established is by the exclusion of a dogmatic approach. Each piece added has the potential to completely change the dynamic of the work in progress. This intuitive way of assembling the bigger pictures resembles the Aquarian mind; nothing is fixed. Nothing is certain. Everything’s fluid.What we believe to be reality is based on our many human prepositions. The moment you break away from conventions and usual beliefs, imagination can run freely. Everything that is here now was once nowhere.

Simon Vermeulen
‘Airy but wary. I am Energy in Motion.’

Sara De Grave
Photographer who started making collages in 2019 under the alter ego ‘Blad Lijm Schaar’. Collage is a way to express her feelings, thoughts, view on the world or just simply to let out the craziness inside her head. The thing she likes most about collage is that anything goes and that the possibilities are endless. When making collages she can lose herself in this imaginary world and time becomes irrelevant.