Het Verdiep

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Bij Sint-Jacobs 13
9000 Gent

From Wednesday to Saturday
From 18:00 until late 

Karel Van Deun & Jürgen Augusteyns

(bwaa. live concerten solo)

free concerts
th 09.09

17:00 Bwaa dj - window session
19:30 Broos - performance 1
20:00 Karel Van Deun (live)
21:00 Broos - performance 2
22:00 Jurgen Augusteyns (live)
23:00 Bwaa dj - ...

Originally founded by Roel Goovaerts and Victor Van Rossem as a two-man collective, bwaa. transformed into a music label after the release of Karel Van Deun's forgotten album Zij ziet het zonnige. Jürgen Augusteyns released Rapper! , last March, on bwaa.

Graphic designer Broos Stoffels (whose Decap Drawing Device 2.3 will be shown in Funke as well) created the beautiful artwork for Karel’s album Zij ziet het zonnige. Talking about going full circle!

Bwaa’s ingeniously crafted merchandise and apparel will be on sale.

Supported by Stad Gent

︎ (Bandcamp Zij ziet het zonnige)
︎ (Bandcamp Rapper!)