Bij Sint-Jacobs 13
9000 Gent

Friday & Saturday
From 18:00 until late

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‘Claeron’ -  Collage, printed vinyl stickers, 25cm X 31cm


— Stans Vrijsen

free, ongoing expo (Het Verdiep)
fr 01.04 — su 30.04

on view all day, every day during the hours of the bar

Stans Vrijsen was born in Mechelen in 1995. She studied at KASK - Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Master in Free Arts in 2018 and a Master in Graphic Design in 2019). Stans lives in Ghent and works in Brussels. 

The act of painting (and more specifically: the impact of color, texture and form) serves as the starting point for Stans’ workflow. She uses a rather abstract kind of language and only refers sparsely to reality: a skin surface; a tire track; a flower; the sun.

A unique, colorful and attractive universe emerges - not limited or bound to one sole medium. It expands through other media such as sculptures, installations and video works.

Stans’ daily drawing practice consists of introcate paper collages, line drawings and digital studies. These practices act as a systematic foundations for new, autonomous works, executed with glossy paints and inks, glass, mirrors, plastic, vinyl and stickers, inkjet, concrete and textiles.