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Friday & Saturday
From 18:00 until late

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visual by Bavo Hendrickx & Julien Janssens

Funke teams up with Radio Ruit. Thursday 31st of March is the first in a series of monthly installments during which Ghent's online music platform showcases emerging local talent.

th 31.03 - 21:00−05:00
entry: €5 (no pre-sale)

This months’ line-up:


Vincent Adeyemo started DJing in his teenage years, mainly spinning classic dubstep, jungle and d&b with a lifelong background in hip hop. During his architecture studies, he dove into the production side of music and started making music as an escape from his daily life under the name Triste.

Later on, he dove headfirst into the digital world of 3D and added it to his skillset. His ambition is to combine these two media to shape his own new reality. Together with a few good friends, he Co-founded HS71, an audiovisual collective & label in 2018.

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Hector Devriendt (he/him) is a 25-year-old producer living in Ghent, Belgium. In 2018 he co-founded the HS71 audiovisual collective & label to self-release his music. In spring 2020 Jennifur finds himself in creative isolation due to the first lockdown. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Belgium, an international team takes shape to collaborate on Shredders, an ambitious snowboarding game supported by Xbox. They insist on having an original soundtrack composed to enhance the vibe of the game. They see this as a unique opportunity for an emerging artist, and turn to Jennifur.

The album 'Nowhere, Now Here (music made for the game Shredders)' seamlessly transitions between soft electronics and ambient towards somewhat heavier IDM. It's the third project under his artist name Jennifur, in which he aims to bring electronic music that helps him navigate throughout his personal experiences and the emotion that comes with it. Jennifur tries to get involved in as many genres within the electronic music landscape as possible.

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Hailing from Ghent and not new to the bass scene, Murkie likes to mix up bass music with a lot of global influences in which there is a main focus on percussion. From breakbeat to baile funk, dubstep, jungle, drum and bass, footwork and more. He has his own party collective which is called Favela - make sure to check them out!

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Berthold’s been warming up dancefloors for quite some time now and is more than ready to make his peak time club debut. Expect a playful selection of heavy house hitters, warm electro, groovy techno and broken rave rhythms with just the right amount of cheese. A jack of all trades, bound to make your body jack.

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Cheeky, uncompromising and driven by an unrelenting tempo are common traits of an Ampe set. The sets of the Butternut co-founder emit restless energy that show little regard for genre definitions, assertively blending any style that she is entertained by. It’s rapid body music with an emotive tinge, all mixed with a flair that celebrates classic rave nostalgia, tribal groove and con- temporary dance-floor burners.

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