Bij Sint-Jacobs 13
9000 Gent

From 16:00 until late

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Behind Funke lies a collective of friends; we wanted to create a new hybrid cultural space that could offer a quality-driven, versatile program, and act as an open platform that welcomes and celebrates individuality in togetherness.

Committed to creating a carefully curated, accessible environment, we encourage and want to host all forms of expression on the (dance)floor - a valuable space in which to expand, practise and explore our identities. For this reason we are continuously working on an awareness and (after)care policy, one that is mindful of social vulnerabilities and takes intimidating and discriminatory behaviours seriously.

Creating a safe.r environment starts before arrival to the space. For some it may start here by reading these words and wondering how you choose to participate within a crowd and what you're contributing to the vibe. It continues with a briefing at the entrance about Funke’s values and allowing entry to those who show a desire towards making the night a pleasurable, collective experience.

At Funke we want our space and parties to exist offline. We value freedom from surveillance and documentation; in choosing to exist in the moment, secure of knowing that what happens in the space stays in the space.

Taking photos or videos inside the club can be an invasive act that oversteps privacy boundaries for some and denies others their consent. It also disrupts anyone trying to be fully present and blocks the freedom to experiment and play. To make it easier to remember this, all phone cameras are covered with stickers upon entering the venue.

We are committed to cultivating a positive and empowering atmosphere inside Funke which we can all be proud of. As hosts we must safeguard our entire community, which includes our collaborators, artists and staff.

Our staff and crew are currently working on added safety, awareness and harm reduction measures, to help make Funke a safer place. Those measures will be continuously fine tuned, according to your feedback and our field experience. We are working on recognisable apparel that will make it easier to recognise Funke's staff in case you are in need of help or support. We are organising and taking part in workshops and training sessions around sexual harassment, intimidation, spiking, harm reduction and first aid assistance. Informative flyers on the same subjects, will also be distributed inside the venue.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, if you want to help out, or if you want to tell us your story, you can always reach out to

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a collective effort.

With love,
Team Funke