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photos: courtesy of Sara De Graeve

De Vitrine #1

Simon Heyde

free, ongoing expo
fr 17.12 — fr 07.01

on view all day, every day

Simon Heyde is the first in a series of local artists and creators who present (a) work(s) behind the front windows of Funke. Funky Vitrine y’all!

Simon played a key role in the creation of Funke’s interior over the past couple of years. Whether you realised it or not, just by wandering around Funke, you connected with his creations as he conceived the place as a whole.

Being a humble craftsman with a wide range of interests (music, paintings, installations and scenographies) Simon strives to combine all of these, with a deep connection to nature as the common denominator. Physically demanding and repetitive work out in the open allows Simon to really find his inner self. Wood is his preferred material as its resilience grounds him.

Come and enjoy the little universe he installed. On view every day